How To Change Dremel Bits

How To Change Dremel Bits | 5 Effective Steps || Alldrillsets

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How to change Dremel bits? Maybe you are searching for an effective solution to this question, as you have purchased your Dremel rotary tool and now confused about how to change the Dremel bits? Don’t worry, you have found the right article to assist you. In this article, we will provide you easy and simple steps on how to change Dremel bits. After reading this article changing Dremel bits from your rotary tool will be an effortless task for you. 

How To Change Dremel Bits
How To Change Dremel Bits | Alldrillsets

How To Change Dremel Bits

The most exciting thing about a Dremel tool is that it has tool-less bit changing. You won’t need anything but the new bit that you plan to put on the tool and bare hands.

How To Change Dremel Bits
How To Change Dremel Bits |

Here we have discussed 5 easy steps to change the Dremel bits.

  • Step 1: Turn Off and Disconnect the Dremel Tool
  • Step 2: Press Down Shaft Lock Button
  • Step 3: Unscrew The Metal Collet
  • Step 4: Removing The Plastic Housing
  • Step 5: Remove The Metal Collet

NOTE: Dremel also makes angle grinders, oscillating multi-tool, etc. But for this tutorial, we are going to talk about rotary tools.

Let’s discuss each step in detail.

Step 1: Turn Off and Disconnect the Dremel Tool

Turn Off and Disconnect the Dremel Tool
Turn Off and Disconnect the Dremel Tool | Alldrillsets

Obviously, you know that, but again, you MUST make sure to disconnect the Dremel tool from any power source before removing it a bit. If your Dremel rotary tool is a corded one, make sure that you have unplugged it. If you are using a cordless one, make sure to remove any batteries before you start to fiddle around with it.

Like we said, if you are an experienced power tool user, then this is all going to be reasonably common-sense stuff. Still, it’s always better to remember the safety precautions, especially when you are working with power tools, as they can hurt severely. 

Step 2:Press Down Shaft Lock Button

Press Down Shaft Lock Button
Press Down Shaft Lock Button |

The foremost thing that you need to do is identify the shaft lock button. You can find it near the front part of the tool.

It can be different in color from tool to tool. In some models it is blue, on some it is silver. But it is easy to locate as it is the large button right near the front end. Please press the button down and hold it, and that will loosen the bit.

Step 3: Unscrew The Metal Collet

Unscrew The Metal Collet
Unscrew The Metal Collet |

You will find at the front of the tool the metal collet, which keeps the bit in place. Use your free hand to start slowly unscrewing the collet at the end while holding the shaft lock button pressed firmly. 

It should come off without much of a hassle.  But depending on which state your tool is in, you may need to put in a bit of elbow grease. Even if it seems funny at first, keep going at it, and eventually, it will come loose.

Step 4: Removing The Plastic Housing

Removing The Plastic Housing
Removing The Plastic Housing |

You will find the housing cap at the front of your Dremel tool. This provides an area to grip the tool and provides some protection for the internal parts of the tool. Nevertheless, when you need to change the tool’s bit, you have to remove it. Thankfully, the task is a straightforward one. Much like with the metal collet, you just have to unscrew it with your hands.

Step 5: Remove The Metal Collet

Remove The Metal Collet
Remove The Metal Collet |

After the plastic housing is gone, you can entirely slip the metal collet off of the tool. Once the metal collet is away from the tool, ensure to put it into the metal collet nut. This is very vital.

Attaching A Dremel Bit

When attaching your new Dremel bit, you kind of have to work backward. But there are some modifications, and we will highlight those factors. 

Step 1: Putting The Bit On

In the last section, we talked about putting the metal collet into the metal collet nut. And, the next step is to attach the bit that you want to insert into your Dremel tool onto the end of the collet. DO NOT FORGET to make sure that it is securely attached.

Step 2: Reattach the Plastic Housing

There were some variations when you attach Dremel bits. The most important one is that you do the plastic housing first. Reattach the plastic housing that you unscrewed in the earlier steps. In addition, you have to resist your base instinct to tighten it. You will reattach the housing and don’t tighten it just yet; you will do it later.

Step 3: Inserting The Collet Nut

Insert the metal collet nut into the shaft of your Dremel rotary tool. You can begin to tighten it by hand. When you feel that the bit is placed securely, press the shaft lock button we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Remember what we said; you have to push, not hold. 

Step 4: Tighten The Housing

Alright, your bit is back into place, and now you can tighten the plastic housing. Ensure that it is very tight and very secure. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your Dremel bit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Dremel Bits Universal?

Yes, they are universal. This is one of the main selling points of this tool. You can use tons of different attachments and can swap them out with little hassle.

  • Are There Different Collet Sizes?

Yes, collets have multiple sizes. To be more specific, you can find 4 different metal colts, including 1/8 inch, 3/32 inch, 1/16 inch, and 1/32 inch sizes.

  • My Dremel Bit Doesn’t Fit, What Do I Do?

First of all, don’t panic If your Dremel bit doesn’t seem to be fitting. This is a pretty common issue. And, like every common issue, there is a straightforward solution.

Just repeat the steps in the “remove section” before you can see inside the collet nut. Check whether the collet is pinched inside the collet nut or not. If it is inside, that is causing the issue. You can fix that issue and try again. 

Suggested Dremel Bits

Dremel Bits
Dremel Bits | Alldrillsets

So, now that you know how to change Dremel bits, it’s time to purchase one. We have listed some of the best in the market.  

  • Dremel Drill Bit Set by Dremel- 7 Pieces

This drill bit set is suitable for drilling into wood, soft plastic metal, and plexiglass. You will get seven metal drill bits for precise drilling in this set. These bits are best for woodworking and masonry drilling and come in a convenient small tool accessory box. Changing or replacing these Dremel bits is a piece of cake. 

  • Dremel 631 Brad Point Bits –  4 Pieces

This is one of the finest sets of brad point bits that will enhance your woodworking experience. The bits are compatible with all Dremel rotary tools. The Titanium-coated brad points remain in the center and begin drilling immediately.

  • Dremel 628-01 7 Piece Drill Bit Set

This 7-piece set contains a bit that is perfect for drilling into soft materials. They are Ideal for moto-tools, flex shaft tools, and cordless tools. These bits are made of high-speed steel. The set comes in a convenient storage case. 


So, now are you confident enough to change the Dremel bits? We hope you are. This is a pretty straightforward process, and we hope our step-by-step guide has helped you. We also provided a list of Dremel drills that will make this process easier. Best of luck with your Dremel bits, and we will see you in another article. 

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